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Open Weekend and Official Launch of SBC

Christobel has actually been available for charter for the past two years, during which time we have been delighted with a gathering of interest in her and the loyal passengers who have returned, time after time. There have been major improvements made to our mooring and river bank, and development of our website and local advertising within our community resulting this year in a healthy rise in bookings for charters.

So John and I felt we should celebrate Sonning Boat Charter's development by giving local residents and members of the general public the opportunity to discover the services that are available from Sonning, aboard Christobel by holding a Pimms reception and official opening ceremony.

We were delighted that Sally Hughes, Managing and Artistic Director of The Mill at Sonning, officially opened Sonning Boat Charter at our Open Weekend on 11th & 12th August 2012 by performing a ribbon cutting ceremony and dribbling Christobel's bows with champagne at 2pm on the 11th.

We had a very good attendance for the ceremony and the sun shone ! ......... as you will see from the photographs. The open weekend gave the opportunity for visitors to also take advantage of a short complimentary cruises to experience the instant relaxing effect Christobel has on her passengers once aboard.

We also had many younger visitors who delighted in feeding the swans and ducks from the safety of Christobel's forward cabin.

It seems incredible that over this Summer when the river rose to Winter levels and none us knew whether to put on suntan cream or put up an umbrella that the cruises booked by our clients from early June have experienced good weather ..............we shall keep our fingers crossed that this is the 'Christobel effect 'and hope to welcome many more passengers aboard her in September and October before Christobel goes to dry dock for the winter.

More photos to follow........

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